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This is an unofficial fanbook for the Ace Attorney / Gyakuten Saiban game series with illustrations and 4komas.

Illustrations by artists: blue, dii, Ezro, gisu, Kaipy, Klen, Leanne, Rrup, Ryo and toko.
4komas by artist: Chan.

- A4 / 8.3”x11.7”
- Saddle stitched
- Full colour
- 28 pages

First 5 preorders will receive a 57mm / 2.25” Clay & Apollo badge ^q^

To order, please visit SpaceLawyer@Storenvy

Preorders will close on 12th August 2014 7am AEST.

Fanbook will also be available at Sydney Smash 2014 under the table name Kaipy.

Hey guys! I drew some gag comics for this book, but more importantly THERE ARE SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATIONS BY EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS ANTHOLOGY!! 

Check it out!! ☆

more ywpd_69min prompt stuff!

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I also ship a Hopelessly One-Sided Imaizumi -> Teshima

Traveling with Asian aunties can guarantee you a journey of embarrassment.

I had parted ways with my parents and their friends at Hiroshima station on my way to Osaka, however my sense of relief was very short lived.

sorry, got nothin but instagram poops

For ywpd_69min theme: Genderswap!

i..hardly changed much of their appearances besides adding boobs and extra lashes LOL

Tonari no Tadotoro

Tonari no Tadotoro

Matching teshima sandwich T2 icons with Pooch n Kell ^q^